Monday, March 9, 2009

Green Party's sickening performance at conference

Watching the Green Party conference last weekend leaves no doubt about the bankruptcy of their political programme. Leader John Gormley condemned the opposition for not being more supportive of the government's cuts and bail-outs. Unlike the Greens who are deeply committed to the survival of the government. There were strong hints that they wanted a national government of national unity - "We in the Green Party are willing to work together with other parties to achieve a national consensus on these issues" (

Difficult times call for tough measures - "We will do whatever is necessary – even if it means losing some power – because right now the needs of the country are greater than the needs of any political party." The party is committed to the survival of Irish capitalism no matter what.

Their actions contrast with their supposed commitment to equality and social rights as set out in their many policy statements.

But despite Gormley's best efforts to boost morale the tensions are evident. The glory of being in government has turned sour for many ordinary members. They did not envisage themselves hatcheting services, imposing levys and cutting jobs. In particular the planned education cuts could be that step too far....

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  1. And take a look at the article by a Irish Green Party member:

    "For the first time we seen Peter Robinson of the DUP, Martin McGuiness of Sinn Fein and Hugh Orde of the PSNI stand side by side and condemn this violence. This was one shining beacon coming out of all this. Staunch Unionists and Staunch Republicans coming together to condemn the violence."

    Lets all clap the bourgeois sectarians and the state. No thanks!